I have participated in a wide range of lectures covering topics such as computer vision, computer graphics, optimal control, localization and navigation, and the mathematics of deep learning, inspiring my interdisciplinary research.

Lecture Instructor Grade
ROB-GY-6203 Robot Perception Chen Feng A
ROB-GY-6333 Swarm Robotics Ludovic Righetti A
CSCI-GA-2270 Computer Graphics Daniele Panozzo A
ROB-GY-6213 Robot Localization and Navigation Giuseppe Loianno A
ROB-GY-6323 Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control Ludovic Righetti A
ME-GY-6703 Linear Control Theory and Design Maurizio Porfiri A
CSCI-GA-3033 Mathematics of Deep Learning Joan Bruna A
ECE-GY-6143 Machine Learning Chen Feng A
ME-GY-6003 Applied Math in Mechanical Engineering Nicholas DiZinno A